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Python Interactive Console Versus *.py Scripts

You can execute Python code by writing your scripts into text files and commonly using the .py extension. Text files on most operating systems will be UTF-8 encoded by default. Python also reads UTF-8 encoded text files by default.

Create a new text file called and add the following text.

print("Hello World!")

And then you can execute it using python or python3 depending on your operating system and Python version.

PS> python ./
Hello World!

You can also enter Python code directly into the Python Interactive Console by typing just python or python3 from the command line and then press Enter. You then get a prompt like below.

PS> python
Python 3.11.0 (main, Oct 24 2022, 18:26:48) [MSC v.1933 64 bit (AMD64)] on win32
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.

Furthermore, you can now enter python commands directly.

>>> print("Hello World!")
Hello World!

To exit the Python Interactive Console, you can usually type quit() or press Ctrl-Z then press Enter

This documentation will show examples of using both *.py scripts and the interactive console to execute Python. Look out for the >>> characters in the code blocks to indicate if I was using the Python Interactive Console or a *.py script.


The code styling in this documentation is formatted using mostly PEP8 styling recommendations.

  • UPPER_CASE : Constants will be defined using UPPER_CASE naming style.
  • PascalCase : Class names will use PascalCase naming style
  • snake_case : For variables names, method names and method arguments.
  • Docstrings : Classes and methods contain extra documentation that is descriptive text enclosed in " or """ for multiline strings.
  • _leading_underscore : Use a leading underscore to indicate variables that should be considered as private class variables.

See PEP-0008 :


I use the Pylint tool to check for code styling recommendations.

On most operating systems you would generally install Pylint by using the PIP or PIP3 installer.

pip install pylint

If using VSCode, open the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P), then set the

Python: Enable Linting to on


Python: Select Linter to Pylint

Common Pylint Warning and Error Messages

ID Message Description
C0114 Missing module docstring Pylint requests that you add Docstrings. These are extra documentation within your code that describes its purpose and is enclosed in either " or """ in case of multiline strings. E.g., "The next line prints 'Hello World!'"
C0304 Final newline missing (missing-final-newline) Pylint prefers a file to end with a new line. When copying code from a webpage into a .py file, the copied code may not finish with a new line character. You can add one manually by pressing the Enter key on your keyboard at the end of your code, or if you use VSCode, pressing the key combination of SHIFT-ALT-F will auto format your *.py file with a final newline when you have the Pylint linter, or other linter, enabled.
R0201 Method could be a function (no-self-use) Your method has an attribute that refers to self or cls, but it is not necessary since you are NOT using self or cls within the method body. You have the option of using the @staticmethod decorator on your methods instead, and to remove the self or cls from the method attributes.
R0903 Too few public methods (1/2) (too-few-public-methods) The error assumes that your class may be used for just storing data. You could use a dictionary instead. However, the assumption is not always correct. You may be extending a class, or often in my case, I am trying to keep examples very small, readable and to the point. So you have the option to insert a Pylint declaration at the top of the file, or at a particular method declaration to ignore this Pylint error. # pylint: disable=too-few-public-methods
E0110 Abstract class 'ClassName' with abstract methods instantiated (abstract-class-instantiated) The Class that implements the abstract interface, or is inheriting from another abstract class, is not implementing all the abstract methods as described in the interfaces' signature; or if extending, then all the signatures of the abstract class that is being extended.
W0221 Parameters differ from overridden 'method' method (arguments-differ) The arguments in your abstract class don't match the arguments in your implementing class. Check spelling of arguments.
W0612 Unused variable You can remove the unused variable from your code. If you cannot remove the unused variable then use a _ as the variable name.

Command Line Interfaces

Command Line Interfaces (CLI) on different operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS, Raspberry Pi) vary in appearance quite a lot.

You can use CMD, PowerShell or Git BASH on Windows, Bash on Linux or Terminal on macOS.

-- Windows PowerShell --
PS> python
PS E:\python_design_patterns> python

-- Windows CMD --
C:\> python

-- Git BASH
Username@hostname MINGW64 /e/python_design_patterns
$ python

-- Linux --
user@domain:~# python3
user@domain:$/ python3
user@domain:/python-design-patterns# python3
$ python3
# python3

-- MacOSX--
hostname:~ username$ python3

Wikipedia - Command-line interface :