Facade Design Pattern

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Facade Design Pattern Facade Design Pattern


The Facade Pattern is a structural design pattern. It provides a simplified interface to a set of other interfaces, abstractions and implementations within a system that may be full of complexity and/or tightly coupled.

Facade Design Pattern

Source Code


class SubSystemClassA:
    def method():
        return "A"

class SubSystemClassB:
    def method():
        return "B"

class SubSystemClassC:
    def method():
        return "C"

# facade
class Facade:
    def __init__(self):
        self.sub_system_class_a = SubSystemClassA()
        self.sub_system_class_b = SubSystemClassB()
        self.sub_system_class_c = SubSystemClassC()

    def create(self):
        result = self.sub_system_class_a.method()
        result += self.sub_system_class_b.method()
        result += self.sub_system_class_c.method()
        return result

# client
FACADE = Facade()
RESULT = FACADE.create()
print("The Result = %s" % RESULT)