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User Interface Configuration


User Interface Configuration User Interface Configuration User Interface Configuration


There are 4 main sections of the User Interface,

  • Catalogue View
  • Plan View
  • 3D View
  • Furniture List View

There are also the top toolbar menus which provide a method to modify the same options as each of the main display Views.

Each View has it's own context menu that contains methods specific for the view.

Keyboard and mouse events will also behave differently depending on which view is in focus.

I also show my preferred configuration settings, and that is in

File->Preferences->Furniture Catalogue View = Searchable List


File->Preferences->Aerial view centred on selection = Enabled

Experiment with the user interface as much as you wish.

Download a sample model from the File->New from demo menu item, and try things out.

If you feel like you made a mistake you can always press Ctrl-Z to Undo, or Ctrl-Y to Redo. These options are also available from the top menu.