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Alerting Rules Alerting Rules Alerting Rules


Alerting rules are created in Prometheus very similar to how you create recording rules. We can use the same prometheus_rules.yml or, if you wish, create a different file but remember to add the reference to it in the rule_files section in prometheus.yml

We will create a new group named alert_rules.

And add the script below.

  - name: alert_rules
      - alert: InstanceDown
        expr: up == 0
        for: 1m
          severity: critical
          summary: "Instance {{ $labels.instance }} down"
          description: "{{ $labels.instance }} of job {{ $labels.job }} has been down for more than 1 minute."

Save it and test it with the promtool

./promtool check rules prometheus_rules.yml

If everything is ok, then restart Prometheus.

sudo service prometheus restart
sudo service prometheus status

Next we create another rule that uses one of the Recording rules we created in the previous lesson, node_filesystem_free_percent

      - alert: DiskSpaceFree10Percent
        expr: node_filesystem_free_percent <= 10
          severity: warning
          summary: "Instance {{ $labels.instance }} has 10% or less Free disk space"
          description: "{{ $labels.instance }} has only {{ $value }}% or less free."

Alerting Rules

Alerting Rule Syntax