Finishing Up and Next Steps

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Finishing Up and Next Steps Finishing Up and Next Steps


Thanks for taking part in my course.

We have achieved a lot in a small amount of time and you now know if you want to take Prometheus further.

We have built our dedicated Prometheus server, with multiple node exporters, with custom recording rules, alerting rules, behind a reverse proxy, with SSL and Basic Authentication. We also know how to create our own specialised queries and we know how to set up the alerting manager to at minimum send emails via SMTP.

If you decide to continue with Prometheus, then a good source of possibilities for your future direction is this Default Port Allocations page, as it show all the hundreds of exporters in development for Prometheus today.

If you have any further questions then ask them in the QA section under the most relevant video. I will try to answer them, maybe adjust the course content, or add it to my medium and advanced Prometheus courses.