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SNMP in Prometheus

Video Lecture

SNMP in Prometheus SNMP in Prometheus SNMP in Prometheus


SNMP stands for Simple Network Management Protocol.

The main reason to use SNMP in Prometheus is in the situations were you cannot install a Node Exporter on the device you want to monitor, but the device can still support SNMP.

Common devices that support SNMP are routers, switches, printers, servers, workstations and other devices found on IP networks.

Not every network device supports SNMP, or has it enabled, and there is a good chance you don't have an SNMP enabled device available on your network that you can use in this lesson. So we can set up a local SNMP daemon running on the server that we can test with. Later on, we will install another SNMPD on an external server, and I will also demonstrate connecting to an existing CISCO switch.

To start a local SNMP daemon,

sudo apt install snmp snmpd

Verify that SNMPD is running

sudo service snmpd status

Test snmpget

snmpwalk -v2c -cpublic

Test snmpwalk

snmpget -v2c -cpublic

SNMP Wikipedia