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 Threejs and TypeScript
 SocketIO and TypeScript
 Blender Topological Earth
 Sweet Home 3D
 Design Patterns Python
 Design Patterns TypeScript
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Three.js and TypeScript
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Extra Tasks

This whole project that was built in this course, can be forked or cloned from GitHub.


git clone

cd TypeScriptSocketIO-MiniGames

npm install

npm install -g typescript

npm run dev
Open your browser and visit

You can improve this project by modifying it anyway you wish to make a game that you or other people may enjoy to play.

Some suggestions to get you started could be,

  • Add the players Winning Amount to the Winners Alert Panel
  • Add the winners screen names to the Chat Window along side the result declaration
  • Add Buttons to guess all even numbers, or all odd numbers
  • Make the Game Names in the HTML Nav and Game Panels dynamic from the GameStates rather than hard coded
  • Use jQuery in the client.ts to dynamically create each of the games panels and Navigation items