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Start the Games on the server

Video Lecture

Start the Games on the server Start the Games on the server


Navigate into the folder on your new server that contains the package.json

cd /var/www/minigames

Now, install the packages from the package.json by using the command,

npm install

Now, you can start the Mini Games server.

npm start

Now open a browser and visit http://[your ip address]:3000

Go back into SSH and press Ctrl-C to stop the server.

We will now start it in a separate screen session so that the nodejs server continues to run in the background when we close our main ssh session.

Press enter.

Navigate to the minigames folder

cd /var/www/minigames

And start the node js server

npm start

Press CTRL-A and CTRL-D to detach from the screen session.

The nodejs server is still running in the background and will still continue to run if we close our main SSH session.

To go back into an existing screen session, type

screen -r 

See video for more details about using screen.

If you want to end and exit a screen session fully so that it no longer is running in the background. Then, while in the screen session, type exit. The screen session will now end and you will not be able to reconnect or reattach to the old session, since it no longer exists, until you create a new session.

Remember, screen is useful when you want your process to continue after you close your main ssh client, putty in our case.