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Three.js and TypeScript
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Design Patterns in TypeScript
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Design Patterns in Python
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Provision a Cloud Server for Production

Video Lecture

Provision a Cloud Server for Production Provision a Cloud Server for Production


I want a publicly accessible server on the internet so that I can share my game with my friends.

I will use a Linux server with the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS operating system and It will be setup using Digital Ocean (FREE $50 - 30 Day Credit) as the cloud provider.

Alternatively, I also have a Hetzner Cloud coupon where you will receive €20 in FREE credits for new registrations.

$50 - 30 Day FREE Credit

€20 FREE credits

We could get an internet connected server from many different cloud providers, such as GCP, Azure, AWS, Vultr, and many many more.

On Digital Ocean, I will use choose the $5 a month Standard Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit LTS.