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Setup Development Environment

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Setup Development Environment Setup Development Environment

Install VSCode IDE and Node

  1. VSCode
  2. Node or Prebuilt Installer

To verify that VSCode is correctly installed, open a command/terminal prompt and type

code -v

And it should show some version information, and not indicate an error such as The term 'code' is not recognized

To verify that NPM is installed, type

npm -v

It should show some version information, and not indicate an error.

On Windows, your version should be 7 or higher.


Since October 4, 2021, NPM versions on before version 7, will produce an error stating that TLS 1.2 or higher must be used when installing packages.

If you see TLS related errors when installing packages, try re-installing to the latest LTS version of Node.js by using the official download options on the Node.js website at

Or, you could try upgrading to the latest version of NPM using the command line,

npm install -g npm

or (depending on your existing version of NPM)

npm install --location=global npm

Then test your version is at least version 7 or higher.

npm -v

The problem exists since older versions of NPM (I.e., version 6.#.#) would contain registry settings using the http:// protocol, but now they must all be using the https:// protocol instead.