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Socket.IO TypeScript Boilerplate

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Socket.IO TypeScript Boilerplate Socket.IO TypeScript Boilerplate



This section is optional. If you completed all the sections before this, then you already have the project created. This boilerplate is useful if you have chosen to bypass all the preceding sections, or you got stuck, or you have already finished the course, and you would like to use a Three.js TypeScript project template that you are familiar with.

We will need to ensure we have a git client installed.

On Windows we can use Git for Windows.

Test that it is installed,

git -v

It should indicate a version. If it shows an error, then install it from

After confirming you have a git client working, then you can then clone the repository from

git clone
cd Socket.IO-TypeScript-Boilerplate
npm install
npm run dev



You clone and the folder already exists

You try to clone the course boilerplate you get the error,

fatal: destination path 'Socket.IO-TypeScript-Boilerplate' already exists and is not an empty directory.

You can clone into another folder by adding the name it to the end of the clone command.

E.g., to clone into a new folder named socketio-project2

git clone socketio-project2

You would then work in that other folder. E.g.,

cd socketio-project2
npm install
npm run dev