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Calculated Items

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Calculated Items Calculated Items Calculated Items


I create 3 calculated items and a graph from them in this lecture.

But first, we need to create a UserParameter as our base item that we will be doing calculations on.

Example Base Item

Add the UserParameter to the Zabbix Agent config on the Zabbix server.

UserParameter=mysql.questions, mysqladmin status | cut -f4 -d":" | cut -f1 -d"S"
Key Value
Name MySQL Questions Running Total
Type Zabbix Agent
Key mysql.questions
Type numeric

Example Calculated Item 1

Key Value
Name Changes MySql Questions
Type Calculated
Key mysqlchanges
Formula change(mysql.questions)

Example Calculated Item 2

Key Value
Name Average of Changes of MySql Questions
Type Calculated
Key avgmysqlchanges
Formula avg(mysqlchanges,#5)

Example Calculated Item 3

Key Value
Name Forecast of Changes of MySql Questions
Type Calculated
Key forecastmysqlchanges
Formula forecast(mysqlchanges,1h,,10m,exponential)

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If you get the error message

Access denied for user 'zabbix'@'localhost' (using password: NO)'


Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.mysqladmin

Then remove the -u and -p parameters from your UserParameter and try again.