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Configure a Domain name for the Zabbix Server

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Configure a Domain name for the Zabbix Server Configure a Domain name for the Zabbix Server


I have a domain name already, and I can add subdomains to it, so I will create a new subdomain, and point it to the new IP address.

After waiting some time for the record to propagate, I can then visit instead of using the IP address of the server as the URL.


Adding a domain name to your Zabbix Server is optional.

To check the progress of a domain name propagation, you can use the dig command.

dig abc.your-domain.tld

Or a good online tool such as DNS Checker

Purchasing A Domain

If you don't have a domain name, and your colleagues can't lend you one or even create a subdomain for you, then you can get cheap domains from Namecheap

Use the Domain Name Search Tool and try anything.

Namecheap also has an advanced DNS config tool which allows you to create subdomains.

The zabbix entry in the image below, is an example subdomain added to my domain. You can have many subdomains if you wish.

Namecheap Advanced DNS


If after changing to use a domain name, you now get the error "You are not logged in" despite using the correct login credentials, then try a different browser, or delete all the cookies you have for Zabbix.

Not Logged In Error