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Configure an SNMPv3 Host in Zabbix

Video Lecture

Configure an SNMPv3 Host in Zabbix


The SNMPv3 host or device that you want to query, will need a specific user created for it.

In this video, I convert my SNMPv2 host to use SNMPv3.

My host is a Linux Ubuntu server with SNMPD already installed and running as setup in the section titled Setup SNMP Hosts in Zabbix.

I need to create an SNMPv3 user on my host/device that I want to query. I will use the net-snmp-config command.

You may need to install libsnmp-dev

sudo apt install libsnmp-dev

Now create a read only SNMPv3 user named authPrivUser requiring SHA-512 authentication and AES encryption. Note that you should use different pass phrases than shown in my example commands.

net-snmp-config --create-snmpv3-user -ro -a SHA-512 -A "myauthphrase" -x AES -X "myprivphrase" authPrivUser

At the end of the file /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf, I ensure my new user named authPrivUser is configured as read only, to use the authpriv level and to use my custom systemonly view.

rouser authPrivUser authpriv -V systemonly

Restart SNMPD and check its status,

sudo service snmpd restart
sudo service snmpd status

Test it works locally

snmpget -v 3 -u authPrivUser -l authpriv -a SHA-512 -A myauthphrase -x AES -X myprivphrase

SSH onto my Zabbix server and also test it works across the network.

snmpget -v 3 -u authPrivUser -l authpriv -a SHA-512 -A myauthphrase -x AES -X myprivphrase <IP of SNMPv3 host>

Below is a screen grab of my SNMPv3 host configuration.

Example SNMPv3 Host Configuration