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Three.js and TypeScript
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Creating Host Graphs

Video Lecture

Creating Host Graphs Creating Host Graphs


I manually create 2 Graphs for this host.

Before starting this section, you should manually create some new items for your host from this table.

Name Key Type Interval History Trends
Total Memory vm.memory.size[total] Numeric (unsigned) 1m 7d 365d
Free Memory vm.memory.size[free] Numeric (unsigned) 1m 7d 365d
CPU utilization system.cpu.util Numeric (float) 1m 7d 365d
CPU utilization (5m) system.cpu.util[,,avg5] Numeric (float) 1m 7d 365d
CPU utilization (15m) system.cpu.util[,,avg15] Numeric (float) 1m 7d 365d

Zabbix Agent Items

Custom Graphs