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On-site Zabbix Training

Excellent, you got to the end of the course.

If you got to the end, and you understood it, then you have the aptitude for doing Zabbix and all the required problem solving along the way.

Zabbix can do anything you want it to do.

Now, if you want someone to train your staff on-site on how to setup and run Zabbix, then I can offer my services.

I can offer on-site Zabbix training for a small team of average 5, for a week or more beneficial two in any accessible location in the world.

Classes would run all day or most of the day and be non stressful.

If you have a room, with some spare PCs, a few SNMP devices or even a lan with loads of hosts on it that you want to discover, then we can run a more personalized Zabbix course.

Let me know by sending a private message using the online course options.

The rate would be the equivalent of $1000 USD a day plus accommodation and taxes. The rate is negotiable for longer durations.

Thanks for taking part in my course.