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Event Propagation

Working Example


When an event, such as a onPointerDown, onPointerOver, onPointerOut, etc., happens, the event will also propagate to its parent component and any components situated behind it in the scene under the mouse at the time of the mouse event.

In this example the top box, in row A, is a parent of all others beneath it. The two boxes in row B, are parents of the other boxes below them, etc.

Click any box in the working example, and you will see the boxes ancestors also lighting up and increasing there counter value.

To disable the propagation of events up through the hierarchy, use the events stopPropagation() method. E.g.,

function Box(props) {
  return (
      onPointerDown={(e) => {


The stopPropagation() method can also be used to stop mouse events from effecting any meshes that may be situated behind the object being interacted with.

GitHub Branch

git clone
cd React-Three-Fiber-Boilerplate
git checkout eventPropagation
npm install
npm start