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Ok, so at this point, we have covered the basics of many concepts which together should act as a good grounding for you to continue to build more complicated React Three Fiber applications.

This course won't cover every single object that you can find on the Threejs and React Three Fiber documentation. Both projects are enormous and cover many specialized disciplines. But, you know now where to start when you have a new idea that you want to work on.

We have covered many subjects at a beginner level. From, creating a minimal starter template, understanding React fundamentals such as useRef, props, useState, useMemo, etc. We have looked at React Three Fiber useFrame and useLoader hooks, canvas and events. We have used several Drei components which are written specifically for React Three Fiber. Furthermore, we've implemented the Leva GUI in many ways. Moreover, we have looked at many of the smaller details of Three.js such as geometeries, materials, lights, shadows, loaders and some helpers.

If you get stuck when creating your React Three Fiber applications, then these links below will be very helpful to ask questions.

When asking a question, it is useful to provide a screen grab and/or a working example demonstrating the problem.

You can use to edit and generate a share link for any of the working examples on this website. Press the <> button at the bottom right of any working example to open the editor, make your edits, and then share.



Thanks for taking part in my course,

Sean Bradley