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 React Three Fiber
 Threejs and TypeScript
 SocketIO and TypeScript
 Blender Topological Earth
 Sweet Home 3D
 Design Patterns Python
 Design Patterns TypeScript
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Three.js and TypeScript
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Design Patterns in TypeScript
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React Three Fiber Examples

Below are a series of examples written to supplement and show some advanced usage of what is learned in the course.

House House Modify Geometry Attribute Modify Geometry Attribute
Nesting Components Nesting Components Event Propagation Event Propagation
Camera Camera Object3D Hierarchy Object3D Hierarchy
FPS Octree FPS Octree Squircle Squircle
Infinity Roller Infinity Roller Look at Mouse Look at Mouse
Material Picker Material Picker BirdMMO BirdMMO
Teleport Teleport Neural Network Neural Network
Displacement Map Displacement Map Follow Cam Follow Cam
useCannon useCannon Change Mass Change Mass
Change Mass Instanced Mesh Change Mass Instanced Mesh position.subscribe position.subscribe
Compound Shapes Compound Shapes useTrimesh and Contact Materials useTrimesh and Contact Materials
Obstacle Course Obstacle Course