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Move your mouse along the floor, and you will see a circle. The circle follows your mouse movement.

If you click the floor at the circle, the camera view will slide to the position of the click.

You can also change the camera's direction by dragging the scene using the mouse pointer.

Working Example


Teleport Through a Maze

In the first example, one large plane listens for the pointer events. Instead, you could use different shapes, such as a path between walls.


Note that only the path is listening for the pointer events.

It is invisible, and the path edges don’t align with the wall edges. This is so you don’t teleport exactly to the wall edge.

Press the tick box top right to see the teleport listener boundary.

Also, so that pointer events don't go through walls and are processed by the path behind, the wall meshes use stopPropagation() on selected pointer events.