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Nesting Custom Components

Working Example


You can put components, inside the same components. E.g.,

<Box position-x={1.25}>
  <Box position-x={1.25}>
    <Box position-x={1.25} />

Any child components, will be passed into the parent as props. The inner components, will be accessible via the property props.children.

Any child components will inherit the transforms of the parent component. I.e., scale, rotation and/or position.

For a component to be able to be nested recursively, you need to also add {props.children} into the output JSX. E.g.,

function Box(props) {
  return <mesh {...props}>{props.children}</mesh>

or, you can also use destructuring assignment,

function Box({ children }) {
  return <mesh>{children}</mesh>

GitHub Branch

git clone
cd React-Three-Fiber-Boilerplate
git checkout nestingComponents
npm install
npm start