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Create First Data Source

Video Lecture

Create First Data Source Create First Data Source


We set up the TestData DB Data Source before we can continue with the next lessons.

Create First Data Source

Grafana 9 and Ubuntu 22.04 Notes

The differences are mostly cosmetic,

  • the gear icon to add a data source can now be found at the bottom left of the screen, rather than the middle left of the screen
  • the DashboardsManage option has been renamed to DashboardsBrowse
  • the DashboardsHome option has been removed. Use DashboardsBrowse instead
  • There is a new menu item on the left specifically for any dashboards you have starred
  • In Grafana 9.1.6 at least, trying to overwrite the dashboard as shown in my video, it displays a red error message. This appears to have no noticeable effect and the dashboard was actually overwritten despite the error displayed
  • When saving a dashboard, you have the option to view the changes of the underlying JSON document