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Grafana Cloud

Name Video Link
Introduction Grafana Cloud Introduction Grafana Cloud Introduction
Loki Data Source Grafana Cloud Loki Datasource Grafana Cloud Loki Datasource
Prometheus Data Source Grafana Cloud Prometheus Datasource Grafana Cloud Prometheus Datasource


If you have done most of this course, then I can recommend you the offer of an upgraded 28 day PRO trial coupon for Grafana cloud.

When you visit the Grafana cloud link above, you will need to accept the cookie so that your registration gets upgraded to the 28 Days PRO trial.

You will get,

  • a domain name. i.e.,

  • An SSL certificate bound, i.e.,

  • the ability to send email alerts without needing to set up your own SMTP service

  • Upgraded 28-day trial to Grafana Pro (vs. the standard 14-days)

Other benefits of Grafana cloud (Free tier),

  • 3 users
  • 10k metrics
  • 50GB logs
  • 50GB traces
  • Automatic updates
  • 30 notifications for OnCall
  • 14-day retention

With Grafana cloud, you have the limits of the free tier, with the option of purchasing extra support and higher limits that you get with the PRO version.

See more info about FREE vs PRO at

This course versus Grafana Cloud

This course predominantly focuses on installing and managing the OSS (Open Source) version of Grafana, but using Grafana cloud may become a strategic option for your company in the future since then you can focus more time on the other details of running your business.

Be aware though that you will still need to gain lots of experience managing internet protocols and firewall rules for your end servers and services, as this course demonstrates, since you will need to connect your Grafana Cloud system instead to your other servers and services that you need to monitor.

Thanks for taking part in my course,