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Introduction Introduction


The official documentation for this course is hosted here at I have written it specifically to be used by the students of this course.

In this course all my examples are executed on an unrestricted Ubuntu 20.04. You can get minimal Ubuntu servers from cloud providers.

In this course I used Digital Ocean, with this link You will normally get $50 credit for 30 days for new registrations. Occasionally the offer changes to $100 credit for 60 days, but can create and delete as many VMs as you wish during the initial offer period up to you credit limit without any charge.

Alternatively, I also have a Hetzner Cloud coupon where you will receive €20 in FREE credits for new registrations.

$50 - 30 Day FREE Credit

€20 FREE credits

Grafana Cloud

Note that this course is predominantly about installing and managing Grafana OSS (Open Source). After completing most of this course, you would have become familiar enough with Grafana to begin experimenting with your own Grafana Cloud deployment.

Grafana Cloud is a managed service where you can subscribe to certain levels of support. This may be a more suitable approach for your corporation long term rather than building and managing your Grafana server manually is I show in this course. While it is important to know the inner details of managing your own Grafana server, it can later be more strategic for your business to outsource the many aspects of it.

So, when that time comes, use my link here, Grafana Cloud, and you will receive 28 days of PRO trial rather than the default 14 days.


  • Upgraded 28-day trial to Grafana Pro (vs. the standard 14-days)
  • 3 users
  • 10k metrics
  • 50GB logs
  • 50GB traces
  • Automatic updates
  • 30 notifications for OnCall
  • 14-day retention

Sign up at Grafana Cloud