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Three.js and TypeScript
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Design Patterns in TypeScript
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Three.js and TypeScript Tutorials

Welcome to my course on Three.js and TypeScript.

Learn Three.js while using TypeScript to create interactive 3D content on the web.

This website is supplementary to my book titled Three.js and TypeScript

and courses on Udemy, YouTube (Channel membership required) and Skillshare


Course Access

There are 4 possible ways to access the video content in this course,

  1. Udemy :
  2. YouTube Membership :
  3. Skillshare :
  4. Book : : ASIN B09GZM9KGJ / B09GYTKRCH


Three.js and TypeScript (Book) includes Video Access Codes to view videos for FREE from this website


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All code is provided in the accompanying documentation so that you can easily copy and paste, in case you don't want to pause the video and copy from the screen.

Before taking this course, note that executing code snippets, copied from the supplied documentation is a major part of this course. The examples provided in the course were 100% created by me and were explicitly created for use in this course. You are invited to experiment with each new code addition after each lesson, by changing parameters and deleting or extending sections, in order to understand more about what each new addition of the project is doing.

TypeScript introduces type safety in our code which makes it much more robust and gives the IDE extra tools such as IntelliSense that we can use to help us find and understand the available Threejs properties and methods and code much faster.

So if you know that you like coding, you like seeing it work for yourself, you like to experiment, and have millions of ideas that you want to achieve, then this course is for you.

Thanks for taking part in my course, and I will see you there.

Three.js and TypeScript Course Introduction Video

Three.js in TypeScript Course Introduction Video