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 React Three Fiber
 Threejs and TypeScript
 SocketIO and TypeScript
 Blender Topological Earth
 Sweet Home 3D
 Design Patterns Python
 Design Patterns TypeScript
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Three.js and TypeScript
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Design Patterns in TypeScript
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Design Patterns in Python
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If you have any projects that you want created, modified, etc, then I can offer my services.

Let me know by sending me a private message using the online course options.

If you can describe the basic spec in only a few paragraphs, and how much time you want spent on it, I can probably do it.

If you have seen a similar project to what you want made, then add a link or some description for it.

My rate is the equivalent of £1000 GBP a day plus VAT. Plus more to cover accommodation and expenses anywhere accessible in the world if you need the work to be done on-site.

I normally work quite fast and by myself without distractions or part of a very small team of like minded self sufficient people.

My experience is vast and I only require a clear spec of the deliverable so that I can begin planning and completing the job right away.

Many prototypes can usually be built in only a few days so that the project can be reviewed and altered if needed.

I won't do interviews, or send my CV. You know I am capable already.

Thankyou for taking part in my course.