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Introduction - How To Do This Course

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Introduction - How To Do This Course Introduction - How To Do This Course


The course is in 5 main sections,

  1. Set up the Development Environment and Install TypeScript

  2. Create a Three.js boilerplate project. This section is optional, you can install a pre-built boilerplate in part 3 instead, but building it manually from the ground up will give you a very good understanding of the aspects involved in creating a new Three.js project from scratch.

  3. Install the Threejs Course Boilerplate, in case you didn't manually create it in part 2.

  4. Learn all about the many aspects of Three.js from the core up to using it in more advanced examples and involving other third party libraries.

  5. Deploying to Production. We will look at several options that you have for hosting your Threejs projects publicly on the internet.