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Install Three.js and @three/types

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Install Three.js and @three/types Install Three.js and @three/types


After copying the main.ts code from the last lesson, we should see an error indicating,

Cannot find module 'three' or its corresponding type declarations

We can fix this by installing the three library and its related type declarations.

Open the VSCode integrated terminal and execute these commands below.

npm install three --save-dev
npm install @types/three --save-dev


three and @types/three are developed by different teams of people, and won't always be synchronized. If the versions don't match, then we can still continue anyway. Try updating the type declarations again in a few days.

The file ./src/main.ts should now contain no errors.

Occasionally the IDE can be slow to update after installing types. You can press F1, and then select TypeScript: Restart TS Server to force the IDE to update.

Now to restart the project to see it working.

npm run dev

Visit http://localhost:5173/ in the browser.

You should see a multi coloured wireframe cube spinning around in circles.