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Three.js and TypeScript
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3D Graphics is a huge subject and provides an opportunity to solve an infinite number of new problems on top of all the millions and billions of problems that are being solved using 2D.

If you are developing a project and are stuck with some issue you cannot solve, I recommend asking your question on the Threejs Forum at

I read it every day and sometimes answer questions if nobody else beats me to it.

When asking a question, it is useful to provide a screen grab and especially a working example of the problem using CodeSandbox, JSFiddle or other online JS development tool.

Problems Concerning TypeScript or Node.js

Use the boilerplate from this course on CodeSandbox by opening this link below and forking it.

This is the boilerplate with the dat.gui, stats.js and OrbitControls.

Also, if TypeScript is causing you major distractions when developing, than I also have a JavaScript only version of the boilerplate at

You can also start the simplified JavaScript only version at CodeSandBox using this link.

Problems concerning JavaScript or Threejs peculiarities

It may be easier to demonstrate more specifically a particular problem that you have with JavaScript or Threejs by creating an example that shows your problem more explicitly rather than uploading a whole project that requires a Node.js server or TypeScript compiler.

For this I recommend this JSFiddle template to start from.

It is a JavaScript only version of my boilerplate output with the stats.js, dat.gui and OrbitControls. You can fork it and create an example of your problem.


With these CodeSandbox and JSFiddle templates, you will hopefully have an easier way to demonstrate your particular issue.

Note that CodeSandbox has a file size limit for individual files, so keep your textures and models below 2MB each.

Also note that if JavaScript is your preferred option, then all the examples in this course have a JavaScript version on the documentation pages. Press the <> button in the working examples view to see the source code.